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David Donnachie

My brother was 25 years old when he was so cruelly taken from us in a senseless attack. Yards from his own house he was stabbed to death by a vicious thug for no reason. Jamie Cochlan (22) was causing trouble and when my brother put his hand out to shake his he stabbed him in the neck, then he and his two friends run off and left him to die. He also slashed Davids friend in the back. He got 18 years minimum and after being found guilty we were told how this was not his first random knife attack on a stranger. If he had not had his sentence halved for this attack then maybe David would still be here today. He showed no remorse and he ruined our family. Our lives will never be the same again and we will never get over our loss. He took away our loved one and we never got a chance to say goodbye. He and other murderers should serve life and that should mean until he dies. Why should he get out at 40 and live his life when David is gone because of him. Life should mean life as it is for the families of lost loved ones.

Lorraine Donnachie

8:43pm 15th October 2013

Kimberley Jane Bage

My 16 year old daughter was sleeping on her mam`s couch at night when a burglar broke in and then, as the judge described it "she was stabbed at least 22 times in a violent and frenzied attack, during which she must have begged you to stop". He got life with a minimum of 15 years. He could be out in 2020, my life sentence continues (I have been suffering with depression since 2006), I can never experience the joy of becoming a grandparent. These "people" need to be given appropriate sentences. LIFE SHOULD MEAN LIFE.

Chris Bage

11:27am 15th October 2013

Emma O'Kane

My daughter was out celebrating her boyfriends birthday boxingnite 2008, wen a local thug an 2 of his mates decided to kick off outside the pub she was drinking in, on the refusal of entrance for violent behaviour at the doors by the bouncer, Neil McNulty walked across the road picked up a empty btl from pub windowsill across the road, and walked bk, he then threw the btl into the doorway as my daughter was on her way out, the btl hit a pillar in the pub shattering glass everywhere my daughter was hit by a shard in her neck and was killed almost instantly, Neil McNulty then ran away, he was arrested the following morn, he was sentenced to four n half yrs with manslaughter, we wer adviced in court by the cps to go for a murder charge but this was refused as we wer told he wud prob be released if he pleaded not guilty, so he got manslaughter. He only served 2nhalf yrs an was released with conditions, which he has broken but probation dont give jack, and our concerns fall on deaf ears. Emma had her whole life ahead of her, she was the most loving, caring person an i am so proud of the beautiful child i had as a daughter an also the young woman she became, her life was her small children who wer ages 1,2and 6, an her partner Mike, they wer both planning an lookin forward to ther wedding the following summer. This thug Neil McNulty walks the streets without a care in the world, he has destroyed my family and my grandchildren face their long future without ther mummy. He is 22 with his whole life infont of him..........US ! ....OURS ENDED THAT NITE.

Diane O'Kane

12:56pm 13th June 2013

Robert Holland


Robert had started his own business and went to work in Nottingham to do a job for a company, he went for a night out with the lad he had taken on and as they were walking back to where they were staying an 18 stone Cage Fighter / Bouncer attacked them. He punched Robert & killed him instantly and walked away laughing. Liam Rockley had the hump because he had lost his mobile phone his reason for punching & killing my son... That was on 28th October 2011 Robert was 36 years old....

Although the police fought to get a murder charge due to what he did for a living, the CPS decided they would go with Manslaughter to which he pleaded "GUILTY" . He was sentenced to 3 & 1/2 years ON 17th February 2012 ..... He will at the age of 23 be walking the streets on 30th July 2013 after serving just over 20 months..... This thug will do it again

Robert was the most loving son, brother & uncle you could ever have who was very family orientated. The effect this has had on my family is horrendous my grandchildren are devastated.

This has ruined what I have left of my life & there's not a day goes by that I don't miss him & cry.... He would ring me sometimes 10 times a day and would never hang up the phone without telling me he loved me.... He had only been in his own house for 6 months so he and I were extremely close....

His sister Karen has not only had to try to come to terms with losing her brother & best friend she has had to deal with the effect on her children and the constant worry of what it has done to me.....

Karen has just completed a 160 mile bike ride to where Robert was murdered to try and raise awareness for "One Punch Manslaughter" & for SAMM (Support After Murder & Manslaughter) who have been supporting us since March last year..

Karen will never be an auntie & her children Alfie 11 & Megan 4 whom both adored him will never have cousins.....

My life will never be the same as its the families that are left with the life sentence.... More needs to be done to deter these crimes being committed & sentencing needs to be reviewed.

Karen and I are doing all we can to raise awareness that "One Punch Can & Does Kill". .

There needs to be more support for victims families of Murder & Manslaughter.

Therese Holland (Mother)

9:30am 13th June 2013

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