Each and every member of Families Fighting for Justice has their own story to tell. The voice of victims families will no longer remain in the dark unheard. We are the voice of them all.

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Peter Burns

4 months after you were brutally taken from us, we still grieve for you everyday. There is no justice which can return you to us but we are feeling let down by a system which is supposed to bring those who kill to account. We are broken, lost and completely devastated by the fact that those responsible might get away with it. How can we live through this? We will not allow your life to be determined by the way you had your life taken.

Your loving family

1:57pm 19th September 2016

All those Lives Taken

My Aim has always been to work for change to help those who are left in a dark place after loosing a loved one to also try and bring light at the end of a dark tunnel. Families fighting for Justice will never loose sight or track of its aims no matter what. Our journey is long and hard along the way we meet some people who have helped us reach our aims. To those people my heart thanks you. Never feel alone because we are hear to understand I will never be afraid to speak out. Knock me down as many times as you like I promise this I will rise time and time again Like a Pheonix. For my course my journey is passion driven with Angels as my guardians. Stay strong.

Jean Taylor

4:34am 15th July 2015

Stephen croft(chassa)

Stephen is my nephew,, I miss him sooooooo much, he is a wonderful fun loving lad,,everyone who knew him absolutely loved him,, he WILL live forever in my heart and nobody on this earth can take away my memories of Stephen,, LOVE YOU BEYOND WORDS,,,,,,,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Aunts mojo,xxx

1:20pm 30th March 2015

Leslie Woodward

My amazing brother Leslie, known to family and friends as Les was an amazing man just 17 when he was cruelly taken due to a stabbing in Rave party in a flat.Still to this day noone has ever been convicted and there was over 100 people at the scene.Les was hilarious person, loyal to family and friend and would be there for anyone. As a brother he.looked.out for me and would never let anyone hurt me. Always had time for me and i am grateful for the wonderul times we had. Memories wil last a life time


9:19pm 26th January 2015

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