Families Fighting for Justice offers guidance and advice to those who have lost someone to acts of murder or manslaughter. We can talk you through every emotion, because we know the pain and emotion that come with loss and unjust.

Merseyside Woman Of The Year 2017 Award

Our wonderful founder Jean Taylor has been nominated for the Merseyside Woman of the Year 2017 Award and is now one of the running finalists. Jean has used her strength and determination over the years to give victims of homicide a voice. She has risen where many others would fall and is so deserving of this award. Without Jean, there would be no Families Fighting for Justice, O.L.L.Y or The Hub. We ask for all of our followers to please vote for Jean to win this title, she has done so much for families across Merseyside and whilst we all know that Jean would never do the work that she does for personal recognition, we know that she deserves to get something back from the community.


Posted on 10th May 2017

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