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Gangs Breaking The Cycle

Gangs; Breaking the Cycle. 
Lesson Plan. Key Stage 2 PSHE to introduce as part of the Corriculum. 
We are all fully aware of the ever growing Knife Crime which is often connected to Gangs and those individuals who are gang members. 
We are also fully aware of the cost of human young lives being taken families torn apart from there loss these are children who have been brought up in communities were to carry a knife become a member of a gang is a way of life. We must Break this Cycle early intervention is the answer early intervention at an early age which is from age seven by the age of ten these children are already involved in a gang. 
We must start in schools by educating this younger generation age seven on the consequences the aftermath also on Joint Enterprise we must come in hard hitting which as part of the Lesson Plan is a short showing of the DVD I had put together when I was in partnership with The Home Office on Gangs some five years ago from delivering to over 6,000 secondary school children I learnt it is not secondary schools I should be at but Primary Schools. This is why from my knowledge I put together the Lesson Plan Key Stage 2 PSHE Gangs as I know this will work this will educate those who will get to age 10/11 and be either peer pressured or fall into what they do not see as a ruination of lives including there own. 
Within the Lesson Plan is mapping a valuable piece for the Plan there is also a leaflet they can take home there is also a talk on Joint Enterprise along with the showing of the DVD Do U Wanna B in My Gang? Along with the showing of the second DVD Do U Still Wanna B in My Gang? Were members of a gang are all sentenced under Joint Enterprise. 
I am willing to deliver on how this Lesson Plan should be delivered to groups of teachers at one venue starting here in Liverpool were teachers from primary schools will all be invited to attend once I have given that demonstration it is for them then to deliver it as part of the PSHE Key Stage 2 Gangs it has to be piloted I know this will be a valuable source of Breaking the Cycle. 
We all owe it to our younger generation our children who through no fault of there own live in communities were to carry a knife is for your own protection from being stabbed by a gang member that may live just a few streets away it has to stop we have to start with our age 7s. We have to start now. 
If you need any further information please call me on 0151 709 2994 or 07740149899. 
"One Moment in time ----- left us a lifetime of suffering" 

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