David Kerr

david was a strong powerful man of honesty he didnt care the consequences truth would bring because he hated lies and the court case that was suppose to represent the true facts of his death hid those facts well…..BUT DAVID LEFT EVIDENCE and people are talking now about the truth so he wont be buried with lies….. justice will prevail…..its been an emotionally traumatic survival rollercoaster course of 6yr isolation and silence so wicked people wont know the evidence but the truth will out…. there WILL be a knock on your door…will you be a conspiritor to murder and keep silent…..please if you think you should stay silent DONT others are talking your not alone and for any that loved david i know your pain but dont become evil like the killers even if you feel you want to with every nuron in your body be a winner and on the day of a true conviction of the conspirtors and killer/killers we can all smile like david

L kerr davids only mum