Robert Holland

Robert had started his own business and went to work in Nottingham to do a job for a company, he went for a night out with the lad he had taken on and as they were walking back to where they were staying an 18 stone Cage Fighter / Bouncer attacked them. He punched Robert & killed him instantly and walked away laughing. Liam Rockley had the hump because he had lost his mobile phone his reason for punching & killing my son… That was on 28th October 2011 Robert was 36 years old….

Although the police fought to get a murder charge due to what he did for a living, the CPS decided they would go with Manslaughter to which he pleaded “GUILTY” . He was sentenced to 3 & 1/2 years ON 17th February 2012 ….. He will at the age of 23 be walking the streets on 30th July 2013 after serving just over 20 months….. This thug will do it again

Robert was the most loving son, brother & uncle you could ever have who was very family orientated. The effect this has had on my family is horrendous my grandchildren are devastated.

This has ruined what I have left of my life & there’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss him & cry…. He would ring me sometimes 10 times a day and would never hang up the phone without telling me he loved me…. He had only been in his own house for 6 months so he and I were extremely close….

His sister Karen has not only had to try to come to terms with losing her brother & best friend she has had to deal with the effect on her children and the constant worry of what it has done to me…..

Karen has just completed a 160 mile bike ride to where Robert was murdered to try and raise awareness for “One Punch Manslaughter” & for SAMM (Support After Murder & Manslaughter) who have been supporting us since March last year..

Karen will never be an auntie & her children Alfie 11 & Megan 4 whom both adored him will never have cousins…..

My life will never be the same as its the families that are left with the life sentence…. More needs to be done to deter these crimes being committed & sentencing needs to be reviewed.

Karen and I are doing all we can to raise awareness that “One Punch Can & Does Kill”. .

There needs to be more support for victims families of Murder & Manslaughter.

Therese Holland (Mother)