David Donnachie

My brother was 25 years old when he was so cruelly taken from us in a senseless attack. Yards from his own house he was stabbed to death by a vicious thug for no reason. Jamie Cochlan (22) was causing trouble and when my brother put his hand out to shake his he stabbed him in the neck, then he and his two friends run off and left him to die. He also slashed Davids friend in the back. He got 18 years minimum and after being found guilty we were told how this was not his first random knife attack on a stranger. If he had not had his sentence halved for this attack then maybe David would still be here today. He showed no remorse and he ruined our family. Our lives will never be the same again and we will never get over our loss. He took away our loved one and we never got a chance to say goodbye. He and other murderers should serve life and that should mean until he dies. Why should he get out at 40 and live his life when David is gone because of him. Life should mean life as it is for the families of lost loved ones.

Lorraine Donnachie