Visit from Detective Chief Inspector of Merseyside Police

It was great to receive a visit at The HUB a ‘One Stop Shop’ for victims families of homicide and culpable road death, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Baker, who recognises the value that The HUB ‘a One Stop Shop’ has for the victims’ families of homicide and culpable road death. Our Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, Andy Cook also recognises the need and the value The HUB offers to those families who are left in a dark place from the sad loss of their loved one whose life is taken by the hand or hands of others. It is without doubt that the victims’ families of homicide have a right to have a choice, there needs must always come above that of those who left such families in their dark place.

The HUB along with Families Fighting for Justice and OLLY offer a unique support. We say unique because The HUB has a wrap around service from recognising from sadly our experiences and that of our Founder the hurdles and barriers that a victim’s family can face after losing their loved one. We are unique as we are the only ‘Peer Support’ charity that is also a voice for the victim’s families, but also under the same roof every member of that family can be supported including the children, no child should ever have to suffer in silence, no child should ever be left without support from the tragedy that has been thrust upon the family.

OLLY recognises how children from a victim’s family also suffer, this was recognised by a young boy 9 years ago and this young boy had lost his own mother to murder.

This is why The HUB is unique, victim led, we know because we too was thrust into that dark place, we know what we need and we will never stop supporting and being a voice for those who cannot speak out for themselves. We give advice, guidance and support from our unique services. The HUB is open five days a week. We also have a 24 hour phone line, you will not get a voicemail message and you will get a voice that you can speak to. We know that you do not want to speak to an answer machine, you want to speak to someone who can listen and we are here to do just that. If you need our support in any way please call us on 0151 709 2994 or ring our doorbell at 6 Anson Street, L3 5NY or call our 24 hour phone line on 07740149899, or if you have any concerns or you would like your children to have some time away for a few hours from your home then please contact us and let us know as we believe the whole family should be and needs to be supported on your roller coaster ride journey.