11th Anniversary of Families Fighting For Justice.

11 years ago on June 20th 2008 our founder Jean Taylor spent months gaining signatures in preparation of her plan to stage a march and rally on Westminster in London. After losing 2 children to murder and manslaughter Jean realised how our justice system does not give sentences out to the killers that justify taking a life. If you take a life with intent then you deserve to spend the rest of your life in prison.

It took months for Jean to prepare, plan, and accumulate thousands of signatures. Jean put what her intentions were all across social media, she also put an article in the Liverpool Echo for other families who felt like she did to join her on the march. The response was immense, families came from all corners of the county in support of “Life should mean Life”.

Jean received a call from a man called John Johnson, who had lost his son to murder. He had also campaigned and gathered signatures for ‘life to mean life’ for murder with intent. Jean and John put those signatures together and they reached over 100,000. Hundreds turned up in London to march, not just families from Liverpool and Birkenhead, they came from all corners of the country, young and old. Jean’s hard work paid off, she opened up the rally and gave a powerful speech that echoed through the doors of Parliament.

From that march, Jean had it in her mindset to start a charity, that charity is ‘Families Fighting for Justice’. It has never been more powerful than it is today. Jean has had to battle many hurdles and has had to face many obstacles. She has battled on regardless. Her intentions were for her legacy to be carried on as a voice for the victim’s families of homicide. Jean carried on carrying the torch and leading the ship into port, helping families who have struggled to cope with such sad loss. She has earned this charity a reputable reputation and also gained funding and sponsors who help to keep it going. Her grandson Joseph is the founder and creator of O.L.L.Y, which now has 300 children as members, it is certainly a true saying “From little acorns… big oak trees grow”. Jean has now, over the past 11 years, peer supported hundreds of victim’s families of homicide and still do to this day.

We would like to say a huge thanks to all those loyal members and our loyal, committed volunteers. Without volunteers where would we be?. Our reputation has led us into Downing Street, The House of Commons and The Ministry of Justice. Our recognition spreads up and down the country and this is all because of our founder, Jean Taylor, she never let go of, or sight of, the vision. ‘Life should mean Life’ for murder with intent, the voice of the victims families should always go above that of the perpetrators.

If you need any information on the valuable work that Families Fighting for Justice and O.L.L.Y offers and delivers, please see more details on this website.

For all of you who offer your sincerity, loyalty and commitment we would like to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to you all.