Wednesday 3rd July 2019

Wednesday 3rd July 2019 – Coffee Morning – Group Meeting 10.30am

The coffee morning – group meeting for our Families Fighting for Justice members and anyone out there who wishes to join us, please feel free to come along to ‘The HUB’, 6 Anson Street (off London Road) L3 5NY.

Families Fighting for Justice understands your pain and are here to help and support you within ‘The HUB’ in any way that we possibly can. The HUB, through Families Fighting for Justice can help with any of your issues that you may be facing with our wrap around service, not forgetting that within The HUB Families Fighting for Justice there is our unique children’s group O.L.LY. This way we know we are supporting every single member of the family, only too often the children suffer in silence. We here within The HUB understand that every member of that family of homicide or culpable road death will need support. This is where with understanding we can address, help and support your issues and needs. It is also good to talk, we can also offer group meetings and one to one, there is no appointment at The HUB, just ring our door bell and we will be there to listen.

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We receive lots of inbox, private messages also over and over we receive many, many phone calls from you and those of you out there who have felt the need to contact us. It will be nice if you would be able to come along on Wednesday 3rd July to the coffee morning- group meeting which are a huge success. We also have our day trip out to Chester this month, all free of charge. It is good to escape and be among those who understand. The Chester day out is a great time for us to be together, we also have out next day trip out in August. If you wish to hear further information then please attend the coffee morning-group meeting.

Hope to see you on Wednesday Thank You