This is our fourth annual camping year for OLLY’s Annual Camping Holiday. Every year OLLY has taken children spread across Merseyside for a fantastic camping holiday (which has now become more like glamping). This is all because of those amazing, kind sponsors who see the valuable, important support we give to so many children. OLLY takes 50 children away every year, due to the rapid growth of OLLY’s members the ‘OLLY Team’ do this annual trip twice a year.

The activities during this week’s holiday consists of; A full day at the Robin Hood Caravan Park and Adventure Land, two days at Bridlewood Riding School, games on the field, rounder’s, football, volleyball, swing ball, twister and many more.

We also have a very large activity/dinning tent with tables and chairs that can seat 50 children around those tables. If the weather is bad the dinning/activity tent turns into the activity tent. The children have the use of our 25 I pads that was sponsored for us, an abundance of board games, reading books and tons of art and craft materials, not forgetting on one of the evening while at camp in the activity tent we have ‘OLLY’s Got Talent’ where children that wish to can sing, recite poetry, dance, tell jokes an amazing evening.
It is without doubt without the committed, loyal volunteers who have shown their commitment year in year out, this holiday could not happen, without the kind hearted sponsors this could not happen. It is to all those who I have mentioned that we give thanks and gratitude. We must not forget how this amazing charity happened to be and without doubt no truer words where ever written than

‘ From Little Acorns……….Big Oak Trees Grow’.

If anyone reading this feels they could get involved as we are always looking for volunteers like the T.A. 4 Lancs Regiment. A huge thank you to Captain John Marlowe for allowing his T.A. men to help set up camp before the 50 children of OLLY arrive.

If you think you would like to volunteer or you would like to make a donation towards these valuable holidays please let us know by calling us on 0151 709 2994 also visit our websites