Holiday !!!


This is a newsfeed/information on up and coming holidays also big events, sessions not only for O.L.L.Y but also for families Fighting for Justice Beneficiaries.
We have our group meeting Thursday 10th October at 6 Anson Street (The HUB) L3 5NY; we are facing the brick wall side of Lidl.

We know only too well the affects it has on the whole of the family when tragedy strikes our charity through The HUB we can through our peer support delivered by Families Fighting for Justice support and respite delivered by OLLY and Families Fighting for Justice this way we know every member of a family are being supported, guided and given information, guidance on any of your issues or problems that you may be facing. The group meetings have proven time and time again to be extremely successful but also helpful. The HUB is exactly that. A ‘One Stop Shop’ contained in The HUB is support, guidance in abundance with our reputable referral agencies that we can refer you to if need be.

Please do not suffer in silence.

You do not need an appointment to visit The HUB we are here from 9.30am to 4.30pm five days a week. Our phone line is in operation during these hours 0151 709 2994 after office hours you can call us on 07740149899 or leave your inbox message as this often happens and we will reply back to you right away.

We hope to see you on Thursday 10th October any time from 10.30am for the group meeting but if you wish a one to one in private we can also provide that too.