The double decker bus from Happy Al’s in Birkenhead picked up some of our OLLY children in Birkenhead then it made its way through the Mersey Tunnel, its destination The HUB at 6 Anson Street where other OLLY children were picked up. The faces of these 62 children are a memory that will last forever.

The value of having a ‘One Stop Shop’ The HUB located in the heart of the city of Liverpool is a place that is not only much needed, the service it offers in abundance is truly amazing. A huge thank you to all the volunteers within OLLY.

A Huge thank you to Lyn and Gabby at Variety the Children’s Charity who always think of OLLY every year. We are extremely humbled to them and we are grateful for all their support in many different ways.

Please visit our website www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk where you will see many photos from today’s spectacular Christmas event. All the OLLY children will be able to use all the rides for free inside Gulliver’s Worlds, they will then sit down and have their food and drinks served while watching an amazing pantomime on the stage, you will see by the many photos the joy and happiness this day at Gulliver’s Christmas Spectacular brings. It goes without saying ‘FROM LITTLE ACORNS…………….BIG OAK TREES GROW’

If you need any further information please call 0151 709 2994

A Huge thank you to Beverley, Lyndsey, Mike, Dave and Bethany, your support, and time that you give freely to so many children in OLLY is invaluable.

To Jackie who organises and puts together the necessary documents, risk assessments and making sure that everything needed is in place, sometimes those who work behind the scenes are often forgotten in our charity, we forget no one who sees and believes in the much needed support that we give to so many.