Families Fighting for Justice

Families Fighting for Justice looking back over the past 13 years has some memorable moments. We started off as a strong campaigning pressure group. We are a voice that is unafraid and always will be unafraid to speak out; we have never been and never will be a nodding dog. We are renowned for saying it as is as we have done, as our Founder, Jean Taylor has sat around many tables and voiced for the many victims families of homicide what is failing us and what needs to change and what needs to be done. We did so with so not a low voice, we did so with a loud voice, unafraid to say it how it is and at those who we directed it at.

As the years went on we then became a Peer Support group then recognising the lack of support for the children of such families, a young boy who lost his mother to murder created our amazing children’s group O.L.L.Y who now has 300 children as members. We believe that no child should ever have to suffer in silence, we know what is needed, we know what isn’t there, we know because our founder knows the loss and knows what failed her and her family. Hence why we do all we can within our power to make sure that what’s needed is certainly delivered here in Merseyside. Families Fighting for Justice where a charity that was recognised by our Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver The HUB’. Hard work, commitment pays off, speaking out is a quality that cannot be silenced or taken away.

We still have much work to do we will continue to do it. If anyone needs anything further please visit our three websites

or call us on 0151 709 2994

Please do not suffer in silence. If you need our help you can also visit 6 Anson Street (off London Road) L3 5NY No appointment needed