Since 2010 when OLLY was created by Joseph, he was 12 years old from his very sad loss of his mother who was brutally murdered. From those dark times and times where no young child should every have to go through Joseph overcame those times, it was not easy, certainly when children in his class in primary school where making mother’s days cards and when he would hear other children calling ‘Mum’.
By the time Joseph reached the age of 12 he had come to realise that children often keep their feelings inside as they do not want to hurt any other members of their family. As families go along only too often hiding their own individual pain and dark times Joseph thought of and created OLLY (Our Lost Love years) our unique children’s group which still today reaches out to so so many children from all walks of life. In the face adversity a wonderful children’s group was born.
As we have gone along these past ten years OLLY has had many committed, loyal, honest and reliable volunteers who came into OLLY knowing how it all began, it is without doubt an amazing supportive children’s group. OLLY offers many things within its support BUT none of it can be done without those loyal and committed volunteers. To those I applaud you all, to those who have brought into OLLY love and honesty but more importantly loyalty to the cause. We also know in life that not everyone has those commitments but those over the past 10 years who have, you where sent by the angels that hang on our wall in our victim’s families lounge they are the ones who are our ‘Guiding Angels’ we know that they continue to guide us and give us the strength to carry on regardless.
Those volunteers over the past 10 years and still with OLLY today your commitment, loyalty and honesty is very humbling to Joseph as OLLY is a legacy. It is not about us, it is about all of us who have lost a loved one from acts of homicide of culpable road death. There are also children within OLLY who in their own way and their own little world things have not always been easy but OLLY is there without discrimination to help bring some joy, happiness from all that we deliver in our sessions, breaks away, days out, holidays, camping trips, parties and all the things that bring happiness.

Sometimes people within charities who work behind the scenes they often go unrecognised because they are not out on the field but their input is just a valuable as they are the ones who adhere to all the data protection, confidentiality codes of conduct, equality procedures and everything that helps OLLY work at all times adhering to all policies and procedures as our OLLY children and their well being is paramount to OLLY and all its stands for. Therefore we have those who work in their professional capacity in the office making sure that everything I is doted and all rules and regulations are adhered to their job is not easy. We would like a massive thank you to Jackie who is without doubt a asset not only to OLLY but also Families Fighting for Justice and The HUB that is delivered by Families Fighting for Justice, Jackie has been volunteering for the charity for nearly four years, her commitment and loyalty goes beyond words so is her staying power when at times she has had to point out certain things but all for the good of OLLY working and delivering in a professional capacity. So a huge Thank you to Jackie.

We also have Joe, Gill and Jane who also work in the office volunteering all for the good of running the charity behind the scenes.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Peter and Lee, Digital Config who protect all our data, they make sure our system runs properly making sure that everything in the data protection is protected adhering to all the Data Protection Acts and GDPR. Peter and Lee have been loyal and committed and still are today to our charity over these past 6 years they are also our true friends. Their professionalism is delivered with a high quality standard.

We would like to say a huge thank you to those who work tirelessly committed, loyal and honest, the charity shop in Bootle Strand, OLLY has also become a place for people to go for camaraderie with a welcoming smile from Yvonne who is Shop Manager and all the volunteers who work in the shop knowing it is for a good cause.

If anyone would like any further help, advice, guidance or information please call 0151 709 2994 if you wish to come to the HUB please ring the doorbell as we adhere to all the rules laid down by Government in Social distancing, we have surgical mask, surgical gloves and santiser.

Once again Jackie thank you so much.