We have some great news, we have decided with support that has been given that has allowed us to provide lunch/dinner boxes for your children as we understand and realise more so since this pandemic has taken a hold it has had a huge effect on families that where already struggling. We understand this and see it first-hand.

We will be giving a date that lunch boxes can be collected by you from either our Charity Shop ‘OLLY’ on the ground floor in Bootle Strand next to the Post Office. You just need to come along and ask for the lunch boxes. There will be social distancing, there will be hand santisers provided for your hands. We know school lunch vouchers have been extended thanks to Marcus Rashford and the Prime Minister realizing that families need those vouchers. We can also say that maybe our lunch boxes can be used for your children’s dinner but either way they will be there.


You can call to 6 Anson Street off London Road), ring our doorbell and we will also provide you with the lunch/dinner boxes.

If there is no way at all that you can travel to Bootle Strand or Anson Street, we are going to set aside a day or two in the week to have them delivered to you. Our driver will just knock, leave them on your step, stand back, social distancing until you open the door and take them in.

If you need any further information or would like to add your name on our list, please call 0151 709 2994 and we will take your details. Also, if you would like to collect them from the OLLY Charity Shop or 6 Anson Street.

Thank You.