It is without a shadow of doubt that OLLY is carried by so many Angels, when you think you are in a dark place, when you feel let down, if you feel hurt, you may even feel betrayed or lost, the word lost is included in OLLY’s website address ‘Our Lost Love Years’. Although the word lost is often used we here in our charity, say you may be lost at some point in your life but OLLY is here to wrap their arms around you helping you to feel safe so that your feeling of loss is no more.

A charity works at its best with Teamwork, working together as part of that great team. It is with great thanks that OLLY now also has on board Vicky with an abundance of qualifications. Vicky has come back into our team to work with all the other OLLY volunteers. Lyndsey, Dave, Tommy and Sarah. As we slowly come out of this pandemic, we will have more volunteers to join our amazing OLLY and volunteers.

It is without doubt ’From Little Acorns……………………. Big Oak Trees Grow’.

We have so many many families and children that we need to deliver too packed lunches/dinner boxes and a roast dinner bag. We will deliver a few hundred of both, we do it because we care. If you would like us to help you then please call us on 0151 709 2994 or inbox us in private on our OLLY Facebook, we will reply to you straight away. This includes children and families from the whole of Liverpool but also Birkenhead.