The HUB has been busier than ever during these uncertain times, we have kept The HUB open all the way through adhering to the rules laid down by Government within the Corona Virus 19 pandemic. Our phone line during these times has become far far busier as families struggle to cope. The HUB the support that it offers, the advice, the Peer Support delivered by Families Fighting for Justice has never stopped and never will, we understand the pain, anxiety, frustration, anger that can exist in a homicide families or a culpable road death loss, when you can understand the journey of the roller coaster ride after losing a loved one in such horrendous circumstances we know it is like a bull dozer going through the whole of those families.

We understand hardship, we know poverty exists, we know from anger can come domestic violence, we know there will be shouting at each other, we know because we are victim led, I say victim it has been said to me many times ‘Jean the victim is the one who is dead, I say yes, but each and every member of the family has become victim’s because in that one word ‘Victim’ is someone who has suffered by the hands of another or others and this is what happens to each and every family members who has lost a loved one to homicide or culpable road death because we have suffered and still do.’

Through the kindness shown from Jamie Carragher and from his farther Philly Carragher through the Carragher 23 foundation we were able to deliver 1,000 meals and to continue with it from the funds from PH Holt. It is from the kindness shown such as this and from us recognising hardship we have worked tirelessly myself, Jackie, Lyndsey, Gill, Vicky, Dawn, Sandra, Kelly, Joe without those volunteers the amazing work provided from our charity could not happen.

We are know preparing to put together PPE bags for families as we understand how expensive these items are. Please watch this space for photo’s as we continue within two weeks’ time to deliver another 1,000 lunch boxes and a family bag of PPE