Strength, Family, Love and Care

Stephen the brother of Chantel Taylor was a rock to his family, he was their protector a man among men. Families Fighting for Justice was born after Stephen’s life was cut short by a female. Her sentence was certainly unduly lenient, from that sentence and the loss of Stephen Families Fighting for Justice was born to campaign and work for change for the victims’ families of homicide. From his strength, from the love he had for his mother and family Families Fighting for Justice will always be there for those who are not as strong or able to speak out ……. Jean Stephen’s mother will never be afraid to speak out. We have supported many many families over the past 13 years and will always continue to do so.

The whole charity was born from the loss of Stephen and the loss of Chantel his sister, the charity is their legacy and will deliver they both stood for.

If you need our help or support, please call us on 0151 709 2994