O.L.L.Y Has Free Reading Books

We all know kids love books and it isn’t always affordable if a family is struggling financially. Especially with Covid-19 which brought lockdowns, schools closures, and isolation.

Our children’s group O.L.L.Y has brand new reading books for children. We have…

Windy Bloomers – A Pant-astic Adventure
An adventure story of a naughty witch who steals a pair of underpants from a giant.

Prowling Tiger
A picture book story in poem form about a Tiger who loses his stripes while doing his laundry. He prowls through his jungle home searching for his stripes and bumps into a peacock who has lost his tail, a mongoose who has lost his nose and a wolf who has lost his teeth.

You can come and collect them FREE of charge.

We will be giving out these wonderful books on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. From 9:30 am until 3 pm. Just come along and ring our doorbell at 6 Anson Street (off London Road) L3 5NY.

We also have a few other items for you and all items are FREE!

If you would like any further information, please call 0151 709 2994.