It was an honour for Families Fighting for Justice who were commissioned by our Police and Crime Commissioner of Merseyside Emily Spurrell, to deliver The Hub a one-stop shop. to be invited as one of the partners to see the valuable and amazing work our Merseyside Traffic Police do in helping to keep our roads, pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Families Fighting for Justice know only too well the devastation caused when they lose a loved one to a culpable road death. This strategy raises awareness, and also a good point that was made inside No 1 Mann Island was that if drivers could use their vehicles less, not only is it good for the environment the fewer cars on the roads, the safer our roads become.

The amazing work the other charities perform and deliver to such families who have suffered such a loss are only to be commended. Working together is vital to get our messages out there.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those involved and to Merseyside Traffic Police for their amazing work.