As you all know due to these heavy weather conditions of snow and as OLLY prepares for sessions moving forward, we find it too dangerous to risk taking our OLLY children out during this bad weather.

However please keep a look out for our posts on here for future sessions what I am planning to do is when the children are off school if you wish to contact us and bring your child for some art and craft and board games we will provide your children with a light lunch as we also now how difficult times are at the moment All you have to do is inbox us and let us know how many children you are bringing, you can leave your child/children with us in the building if you wish or you can stay with them, coffee and tea will be provided. If you wish to leave us any comment about OLLY here, please do so.

As you know the wellbeing of our OLLY children is paramount to our charity, we are here to listen, help where we can. Don’t suffer alone as we understand.

Call 0151 709 2994

Website www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk