Chantels Law

What does it mean?

As you all know we already have an amazing law in ‘Helen’s Law’, it is only by working tirelessly for change, it is only by the support when you put a petition out that can and often does bring in a new law.

Chantel’s Law can happen but it has a long way to go yet, this will fill a gap, the gap being if a killer does not say where he has put his victim’s body or remains PAROLE DENIED.

Then a killer can say ‘I put the victim’s body or remains in a certain place or site and once that site has been searched the killer can say I told you where it is not my fault you could not find it’.

Chantel’s Law will mean if the killer has gone to great lengths to dispose of the victim’s body or remains so it will not be found but they have stated where but no remains or body were found then NO PAROLE.

You must agree we must stop these killers when they stop the family from burying their loved one these killers must remain in prison and not in open prison conditions

We are wanting a 40-year sentence for killers who have disposed of a body knowing it can never be found, even if they admit where they have put that body, there are certain ways a killer can dispose of a body where it will never be found, this should carry the proposed 40-year sentence because they have said how they disposed of the body but in such a way as I have said it is impossible to find the body.

As we all know we must not allow such killers who go out of their way after the killing making sure that the victim’s family can never have peace.

We have explained this to you here so as not to confuse you. I am waiting to hear back from Ministers but I need your support in signature. Please click on the link at the bottom of this post, you will hear an audio recording, you will see a photograph of Chantel Taylor and below that you will see the link to sign the petition.

Thank you so much and God bless.