A Heartfelt Thank You and a Night to Remember

Thank You All

The Amazing Prize Bingo

As we reflect on the recent Amazing Prize Bingo Night, we are filled with a profound sense of gratitude and warmth. This event was not just a gathering; it was a vibrant celebration of community, kindness, and remembrance.


First and foremost, we extend our deepest thanks to Sarah and Christine, whose dedication and hard work were instrumental in the success of this event. Their tireless efforts and passion for our cause set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Thank you

We also wish to express our appreciation to all the members of St. Joseph’s, including the staff and our wonderful members. Your support and participation brought this event to life, demonstrating the incredible power of our collective effort. Each contribution, big or small, played a vital role in making the Bingo Night a resounding success.


Bingo Cards

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