Navigating the Path to Healing: How Charities Offer Hope

Families Fighting For Justice

In times of profound loss and tragedy, finding a path to healing can feel overwhelming. Families Fighting for Justice (FFFJ) stands as a beacon of hope for those affected by violent crimes, offering essential support and advocacy.

Founded by Jean Taylor, whose personal losses spurred her into action, FFFJ provides comprehensive support services, including counselling and peer support. Their initiatives, such as The HUB and O.L.L.Y (Our Lost Love Years), focus on helping victims’ families rebuild their lives and advocate for systemic change.

Through dedicated efforts, FFFJ not only aids individual healing but also works tirelessly for broader societal transformation. By fostering a supportive community and offering practical resources, FFFJ exemplifies how charities can create lasting impact, turning grief into a force for positive change.

If you require our support, please call us on:

Landline: 0151 709 2994 (9.30am – 4pm)
Mobile: 07740 149899