Our Mission

When Esther McVey was the MP for Wirral West, Esther spoke out in Parliament for our families and those of us who have lost a loved one from acts of homicide.

From that first march in London in 2008, the mission of Families Fighting for Justice has always been the same. We came together with banners and T-shirts bearing our loved one’s names and photos in memory of those who have lost their lives. We wore them with pride, we wore them with a determination, which is why we will always campaign for a safer, better society. We want a place for children and members of society to be able to walk freely without fear of being attacked. We work towards putting back the deterrent, that has sadly been lost over the years. We want the respect for human life to be put back into communities within our younger generation, a generation that has sadly been lost.

We have one mission and that is to bring the deterrent and respect for human life within our judiciary. To have no other victims’ families left in the dark as we were, to have all the help and support in place at a non-stop level. We are the ones serving the life sentence and we must make sure that no one carries the on-going pain of these insults, due to there not being enough Justice for our loved ones, whose lives were taken.

Our mission is also to make sure that the victims’ families of homicide and culpable road death are supported in every way that they can be. Our children’s group O.L.L.Y holds sessions which include activities focused around children, we also include children from communities spread across Merseyside.

Our activities include a weekly O.L.L.Y club, trips out and breaks away. It is our mission to make sure that no one within these families are left to suffer in silence. We will always be a voice, outspoken by those who also know and understand what it is like to be left with no support. By working together we believe that support will always be there for those in need. 

Our voices must go above that of the perpetrators. Our mission has a long way for us to travel, but we will travel it together, until the scales of Justice are balanced so Justice is being served.

It is also our mission to work within schools, to deter our younger generation away from crime and to educate them on the aftermath of such crimes. We want to use our pain and loss and turn it into something positive. It is also our mission to offer those trapped in unemployment a way out, by offering them our programme enabling them to learn whilst volunteering for us.

We also know that every member of a homicide family must be supported including the children who can often be forgotten about, this was why OLLY was created by a young boy called Joseph who lost his mother to murder.

Our Parliamentary Supporters

Since Families Fighting for Justice has been set up, through the years we have met many Parliamentary figures who have given us their advice and views, while taking our views very seriously which is all for the good in working for change not only in the judiciary but also in the support for victim’s families of homicide which can only improve the services for such families, by working alongside those who can help bring change, can change be done.

Merseyside Police

“Merseyside Police by working in partnership with Families Fighting For Justice seek to improve, where needed, the multi-agency support and information process to families who have lost someone to an act of homicide.”

Emily Spurrell

Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside

Serena Kennedy

Chief Constable of Merseyside Police (QPM)

Other Prominent Supporters

Geoff Thompson MBE

Social Activist &
Justice Campaigner

Baroness Newlove

Victims’ Commissioner

Crisis – Support – Rebuild

Our mission is to also help and support victims families of homicide and culpable road death. To find out more click here.