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Chantel’s Law

Chantel’s Law Introduces new mandatory sentences for murder if a victim’s remains aren’t found. To find out more, and to support us by signing & sharing our petition, please click the link below:

Information & Petition: 

Helens Law.

Is an amazing breakthrough for victims families who’s loved ones killer refused to say we’re they put there victims bodythose killers who Refuse must now know Helens Law will stop there Parole when requested.

However what about killers such as Chantel Taylors killer Stephen Wynne and killers like him who can say anything regarding were they put the remains of there victim yet when searched No Body found? Helens Law would not carry any weight. Something else must be put together which would mean No body No parole. Then there is no way out for such killers. As they could say anything. Knowing when facing the parole board: I did tell you, not my fault you didn’t find it?

O.L.L.Y would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Merseyside Police and Police Commissioner for choosing O.L.L.Y for their Black Tie Dinner Event.

This helped raise much needed funds allowing O.L.L.Y to provide amazing support to all it’s fabulous members.

Without such kindnessO.L.L.Y would struggle to help so many children across merseyside.

Thank You!

O.L.L.Y would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at C.A.F.T for making our O.L.L.Y children while staying at the farm a memorable holiday with memories that will last in their little hearts forever. Also, for the magical Christmas day at C.A.F.T where the children received a brilliant present from Santa.

Without such kindness shown to our O.L.L.Y children and sponsors which all help to make little hearts sing and memories that they can treasure and look back on as they grow over the years instilled in their memories will certainly be C.A.F.T. Thank you all so so much from everyone here at O.L.L.Y.