Families Fighting for Justice are here to support & re-build your future in the best way we can.

At Families Fighting for Justice we know how important it is to have the right support after you loose your loved one. We understand your pain and we know what it is like to be left in the dark. We offer one to one support in our drop in centre, no appointment is needed, you may have the need to talk at a moments notice and we are here to help you in that moment.

You may want to get away from your home to talk with Families Fighting for Justice, you can do just that. We offer our friendly lounge where you can chat to someone who can share and understand how you are feeling. We can support all your family all under one roof. Sometimes families feel so lost they can not talk to each other on how they feel – we can help. We also offer a children’s group in our project OLLY which offers a pick up service, activity sessions, day trips out, camping breaks all with children in mind and family bonding.

Re-Building Your Future

Families Fighting for Justice understands each part of the grieving process. We understand how it leaves your life after loosing your loved one. We want to help you in any way we can, to support you, but to also help you in re-building your life. This process will take time but we want to offer our members a program once you are ready for us to help you within this program we can offer you a confidence building and motivational path for you to re-build your life. We offer a six month volunteer led program were you can become a volunteer in Admin/office work child care, driver, web designing, marketing or retail, our list is endless. 

We can assure you we will have your best interests at heart, which will allow you to engage with our volunteers. We do not want you to be left feeling alone, isolated, with no hope. 

If anyone would like Jean Taylor (Founder and Chairperson) to speak at an event please contact her at:

Tel: 07740149899


Families Fighting for Justice are now proud to be working in partnership with Chris Topping, partner to Broudie Jackson Canter Solicitors; “The justice partnership”.

O.L.L.Y – Our Children’s Group

O.L.L.Y supports children bereaved by homicide and culpable road death and also children from communities across Merseyside, Wirral, Birkenhead, Chester, Southport, were there is deprivation, high crime rate and also high unemployment. We provide children and young people with a range of activities, designed around their needs, to re-gain the positive outlook in their lives.

Families Fighting for Justice Supporting every member of the family under one roof.

The Hub

A gateway to support for victims families of homicide and culpable road death. 

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