One Moment in Time…………

One Moment in Time……

Today Tuesday 31st July 2018 at St Georges Gardens at the memorial plaque that lies there, which says ‘FAMILIES FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE.’ ‘One moment in time…….left us with a life time of suffering’

The turnout of people said it all. Each holding their balloons and the name of their loved one who lost their life from an act of homicide. Jean Taylor, founder of Families Fighting for Justice, lay a spread of roses and foliage across the plaque. Jean spoke to the crowd, with that same strong determined voice that over the years has inspired so many and given so many a lift. With the strength that those who have lost a loved one through such tragic circumstances sometimes need when they are struggling every day with their loss. It was nice to see some old faces, each drawing comfort from each other including the children of such families

Families Fighting for Justice are going to be attending this memorial plaque every year from now on. Next year we will congregate at Anson Street and will be led down London Road to the sound of bagpipes that will take us into St Georges Gardens, this can be a gathering in the memory of all our children. Our loved ones whose lives were taken so needlessly, we may have a lifetime of suffering but we will never become victims ourselves, we are strong and together we are stronger.

Please look out for our news feeds next year with the date and time to meet at 6 Anson Street where we can release our balloons and share together with understanding to each other and knowing that we are friends for life. For everyone of you who attended today thank you so much and I hope you went away knowing and feeling that you are not alone

If you wish to come to our Coffee Mornings or you wish to come along just for a chat if you wish for that listening ear outside of your family, or if you need any help with any issues or problems please call us 0151 709 2998 or just come along to 6 Anson Street and ring the door bell and we will be there to help you