Families Fighting for Justice

Families Fighting for Justice will always remain focused and will never be side tracked by negativity. We will always think positively which is why we will always RISE every time like a phoenix. The strength that our founder Jean Taylor ignites into Families Fighting for Justice and the support that it offers but also the continuous, ongoing voice that will speak out for the victim’s families of homicide. By doing so Families Fighting for Justice has earned a strong reputable reputation not only here in Liverpool but also in London. We will continue to be the voice, out spoken and will never be deterred by anyone who wishes to try and throw negativity at us. After what we have all lost within our members and supporters this inner strength will always put us and keep us in a strong position. Words can be spoken, some of them, not true, we treat those words and always will as idle gossip from those who have nothing else better to do? Or is it that they hide guilt? This is just a reminder that Families Fighting for Justice is led by a strong, determined, fiery victim’s mother of homicide. From her strength she has instilled into others and supported them at their weakest most vulnerable, dark times they saw in her and felt that strength and positivity.

If you wish to come along to 6 Anson Street (off London Road) L3 5NY we are here to help you, guide you and listen. You do not need any appointment we are here for you with a strong team of volunteers and those qualified in their own field that can also help you and guide you. The support we give is endless, it does not matter how long you lost your loved one, loss is loss and that void from that loss will always be there but we can help you just by you knowing we are there for you no matter what and always will be. If you need any further information into the insight of what we really offer in abundance please visit www.familiesfightingforjustice.com and www.homicidesupporthub.org or www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk . We are also on Facebook and Twitter, also on Facebook we have our ‘O.L.L.Y’ Charity Shop page

If you need to call us please do so on 0151 709 2994 we are open five days a week 9.30am – 5pm. We also provide a 24 hr phone line 07740149899 all the details are provided on our websites but please call us. No one should have to suffer in silence. We have a team who are dedicated, committed, loyal, compassionate that are all there to help you.