As a victims mother of homicide, I have learned over the years what is failing within the support network for victims families. While we have a lot of agencies out there doing great work, what I found missing is there’s not one place where everything is contained under one roof.

The information that is meant to be given to the victim’s families is often not provided at all or, too late. Each individual family members needs will differ from the next, each of us deals with grief in a different way, this could lead to:

• Misuse of Alcohol
• Misuse of Drugs
• Lack of Motivation
• Loss of Confidence

Not one agency can be qualified to support all that may come into a family after their sad loss.

The Hub will have a list of agencies that are qualified in their own field. Once The Hub has spoken with the family, they can be assessed and referred to that particular agency.

The Hub will not stop there. The Hub will monitor the progress of each referred member and keep in close contact with the agency. The Hub will also work closely with the National Probation Service, V.L.O’s and Merseyside Police Homicide Section & F.L.O’s.

The Hub will be an abundance of help, support & guidance in the right direction.

No appointment is needed just ring the bell or call 0151 709 2994 or our 24hr helpline on 07740149899