A Shinning Beacon Of Light

The HUB a One-Stop Shop, offers so much to the most vulnerable in our society, we here at The
HUB are unique with our wrap-around services, The HUB is not a sad place it is a place that delivers
so much, The HUB travels your journey with you because we have travelled that journey
ourselves, we know that only too often from the loss of a loved one from an act of homicide or
culpable road death can bring so much heartache and hardship to that family.

We also know how children the innocent victims within that family can often be forgotten, we here at The HUB do not
forget them, OLLY’s happy place in North Wales is a shining beacon of hope, happiness and
memory building.

Please click here to learn more about OLLY’s Happy Place.

‘Do not suffer in Silence’