Jay – Gathering Signatures for Chantel’s Law

Jay Gathering Signatures

In the heart of Liverpool city centre, right outside the building of Primark, Jay a committed volunteer is gathering signatures for Chantel’s Law. If you happen to be near Primark in Liverpool, or even if you’re just reading this from the comfort of your home, remember that your voice can make a difference. Learn more […]

OLLY’s Magical Weekend in Blackpool – 21st Oct 23

During a memorable weekend trip to Blackpool, the members of OLLY had a wonderful time running along the promenade, tucking into hot chips and taking in the iconic Blackpool illuminations. One highlight was a heart-warming moment when, armed with glow sticks, they joyfully spelt out ‘OLLY’ under the starry sky. These cherished memories can remind […]

Student Support

Student Support

Now that students are returning to Uni & College, we are accepting placements again at FFFJ/HUB/OLLY. Not only does this help students gain the vital experience they need in a live working environment, but it also helps our charity greatly, as we rely on the support provided by those on placement and volunteers who provide […]

Chantel Taylor’s Mum Appeals to Missing Primark Witness

Chantel Plea For Witness

Further development in the Chantel Taylor murder case. Attention has now shifted to a missing witness, last seen at Primark (Liverpool). This individual could hold critical information regarding the identity of a potential accomplice. Jean Taylor, mother of Chantel, has made a heartfelt plea, urging the witness to come forward. Please read the full article […]