Robby Ryan

On 12th January 2006 my life changed beyond any expectation. I least expected that dreaded phone call that my gorgeous first born nephew had been stabbed. I was the first relative at the hospital along with my niece, Robby’s sister on that dreaded night only to be told he was seriously ill and we were unable to see him. I knew then that he had gone and the hospital staff were just biding time to tell us until the rest of our family arrived. It felt like hours as we waited for the horrific news that he had died. Our nightmare had just begun.

We waited days for news of an arrest followed by weeks until we could bring him home so that he could rest his final days at home with his loving family around him. I still don’t know how I and my family have gotten through the last 3 years, the pain and hurt has been so bad and watching Robby’s parents and my other nieces and nephews’ suffering has been nothing less than heart wrenching torment.

Robby meant everything to me, just as my other nieces and nephews do. I am so proud of each and every one of them. Robby had never been in trouble before and was a well liked and respected young man

On 28/07/06 my father (Robby’s Granddad) passed away suddenly at home, we buried him the day before Robby’s trial started. We are convinced that the murder of his beautiful Grandson Robby contributed to his death due to the strain and trauma of the whole matter. As you can imagine it was very difficult to grieve for my father due to the stresses of the trial and the waiting and hoping for Justice for Robby.

It should have been Robby’s 23rd birthday on 14/08/06 and as in previous years we as a family would have been celebrating with him. Instead, all we have is a website which I set up to keep his memory going and a grave to stand next to and weep. I prayed for Justice and the hope that the killer’s conviction would at least fit this fatal and violent crime committed by these young violent and aggressive animals. I worry for the public once they rejoin society and the risk they will impose. Robby was not a ‘gangster’ or a violent young man caught up in today’s drug’s underworld but he presented as a naive young man who studied hard to gain a career in Tree-Surgery. Unfortunately, his naivety was proven and in turn led him to his fatal death.

Two young men were found guilty of stabbing Robby 3 times in the heart and on 18.09.06 Terence Adams then only 18 years of age received 7 years for Manslaughter plus 5 years for Conspiracy to Rob, a total of 12 years. Gareth Birmingham 22 years of age at the time received 25 years for Murder and Conspiracy to Rob.

At the time of the Murder both killers were on Probation supervision. Terence Adams was on Licence after receiving a 3½ year sentence for Robbery and Gareth Birmingham was on Bail for similar offences which showed they both had a total disregard for the law and the Criminal Justice System.

Your beloved and heartbroken Auntie Lisa Spicer xx