Ryan Hawkins

Ryan Hawkins aged 4 years from Slaithwaite Huddersfield was taken away from his loving family on 23rd September 2007. His loving family being Mum Valerie Gee and Sisters Natalie and Donna Hawkins. He was also very muched loved by his Grandma Pauline Gee and a funny loving nephew and cousin.

Ryan was murdered by his so called dad; he was stabbed 9 times in this attack, also his sister Donna was stabbed in the same attack. Luckily Donna aged 14 at the time, survived the attack after major surgery.

This man or beast and we do not even like to say his name (Christopher Hawkins) attacked his children in a revenge attack against his then wife, Valerie had left this man and had started a new life with new partner Lee and the children. The children did have contact will the beast. The beast tricked Val to see him regarding the children. It was on this night that he imprisoned her in their home and raped her 3 times. Valerie managed to get away and he was reported to the police. The beast was given bail. Valerie had contacted Social Services to help with supervised visits for Ryan. Social Services did not contact Val back, so it was arranged an Uncle would supervise the visits. These went well. After a few visits Val decided that Ryan could stop over night with the beast. These went well until that fateful date 23rd September 2007.

The beast pleaded not guilty to murder and attempted murder. Donna was very brave and gave evidence in the court room. He was found guilty on both accounts. Life for murder and Life for attempted murder. He will serve 21 years minimum for murder and 12 years for attempted murder which will run in with his 21 years.

We as a family did not think this was a long enough sentence as in 21 years time Ryan would have just been really starting his life as a 25 year old.

We as a family are very close and strong for each other, it as affected the whole family. People do ask how we cope but can anyone tell me HOW DO WE COPE. Sorry to say yes life does go on and there is not a day goes by when we do not think of your angel Ryan. Donna as healed from the physical scars but she will have the mental scars for life. Donna is now 17 years and a typical teenager but she does have moments (a lot of the time) when things get too much. Valerie knows that Ryan as died but still expects him to come home. Even now in 2010 Ryan’s clothes are in the wardrobe ready for him to wear.

Andrew Jones contacted me in 2008 regarding Families Fighting for Justice. The whole family has been involved and we did attend the March in Liverpool. We do feel very strongly about sentences handed down are way too short .LIFE SHOULD MEAN LIFE