Michael Causer

Michael(Mickey) was 18 years old, a handsome, gentle, and loving boy. The youngest child in his family. He had never been in any trouble, had lots of friends, loved his family, adored his little nieces and nephews.

He worked from 15 years old in ‘The village hotel’ as a waiter to earn his own money. All the staff and management loved him. He also trained in college as a hairdresser but decided it wasnt the career he wanted. The college have since created an award in his memory. They loved him too. People couldnt help but love Mickey..

Mickey was a very compassionate young lad. His nan and grandad suffer emphysema, Mickey worked voluntarily for the British Lung Foundation, helping in fundraising events. His sister worked in a nursing home for the elderly, Mickey worked voluntarily, calling out bingo numbers and sitting chatting to residents. They must of been amused by his ever changing hair colours and styles. Black, black + white, brown, white, blue tips, blonde tips. His natural colour was blonde. He had the biggest blue eyes, that told everything about him, and the most longest lashes..

On the evening of 24th July 08, Mickey went out with friends for a drink, they went on to a party. They were all very drunk and inevitable Mickey finally fell asleep alongside his friend.

As they slept a monster had arrived at that party. He and his friend went into the bedroom where Mickey was sleeping, he was dragged from the bed to the floor, where they punched, kicked and stomped Mickey in his head and face. One of them also threw a hardback book at his head with such force, its cover broke..

Between them they broke Mickeys jaw, broke his nose, fractured facial bones, neck injuries and caused massive brain injuries.

Eight days later, Mickeys dad held his hand to his young sons chest as his heart stopped. His life ended right there, safe in his dads hand..

Michael was attacked because he was gay. This was a hate crime. His attackers James Oconnor and Gavin Alker were charged with his murder. Oconnor has plead guilty. Alker plead not guilty and was found not guilty at trial. He now walks our streets free!

We will never give up in our fight for justice for mickey. We loved him too much, we will do it for him, our beautiful boy deserves justice. We his family, who’s lives have been torn apart at losing him, who will never again feel complete. We deserve justice..

All of our loved ones deserve justice.
All of us in ‘Families fighting for Justice’, will strive for it, we shall be their voice…