Saturday 28th December 2002. My brother Sam was 16 years old and out with my other brother and my 15 year old cousin in the car. They had a brick thrown at the car for dooting the horn and so Sam went and broke the window of his house. The guy took a large kitchen knife from his house, got in his car and drove round looking for him! He stopped his car when he saw Sam, who was with his cousin who witnessed it all. He parked it at the opposite side of the road and walked across to Sam with the knife in his hand. In court he said Sam pushed his way to get past him and fell onto the knife and that he didn’t mean to kill him! The knife went right through Sam’s left side, coming out the other side. The Australian pig, Daniel Gibson was 27, Sam was 16! When it went to court he told them he didn’t mean to kill him…. they found him NOT GUILTY and he walked free the very same day!! If he wasn’t guilty, why did he try and flee the country that night with passport in hand? My brother was murdered, Gibson said he didn’t kill him, the jury found him not guilty of killing him, so how did Sam die???