Mark Allen Dunn

A life taken too soon, and not in a way i would ever wish any family to have to deal with anyday of the week. This was my uncle. He was a friend, and very close to everyone in our family. A business owner, someone who worked very hard on horse farms. He took care of a huge family of his own. We all are in the dark and have been for years now. On how and the whys of this awful act was committed. I think the biggest mystery of all this the actual whys and who was involved. Im sure you as the reader, that has also lost a loved one die to a selfish very crewl act, truely understands what we as well are going through. What most people dont know. Familys fall apart in ways you cant imagine. So much frustration and anger. But in all we all are fighting for the same thing. A way to forgive, and still love one another. We shall never give up. We all stick together and never forget what brought us together in the first place. As i wish my family finds the horrible people who did this. I also hope and pray all my friends on this site also find peace, and find out any unanswered questions they might have as well. My uncle was found burned in the bed of his truck in Nicholasville KY (u.s) down by the river. Any information will help us. WE SHALL SEEK JUSTICE.