Emma O’Kane

My daughter was out celebrating her boyfriends birthday boxingnite 2008, wen a local thug an 2 of his mates decided to kick off outside the pub she was drinking in, on the refusal of entrance for violent behaviour at the doors by the bouncer, Neil McNulty walked across the road picked up a empty btl from pub windowsill across the road, and walked bk, he then threw the btl into the doorway as my daughter was on her way out, the btl hit a pillar in the pub shattering glass everywhere my daughter was hit by a shard in her neck and was killed almost instantly, Neil McNulty then ran away, he was arrested the following morn, he was sentenced to four n half yrs with manslaughter, we wer adviced in court by the cps to go for a murder charge but this was refused as we wer told he wud prob be released if he pleaded not guilty, so he got manslaughter. He only served 2nhalf yrs an was released with conditions, which he has broken but probation dont give jack, and our concerns fall on deaf ears. Emma had her whole life ahead of her, she was the most loving, caring person an i am so proud of the beautiful child i had as a daughter an also the young woman she became, her life was her small children who wer ages 1,2and 6, an her partner Mike, they wer both planning an lookin forward to ther wedding the following summer. This thug Neil McNulty walks the streets without a care in the world, he has destroyed my family and my grandchildren face their long future without ther mummy. He is 22 with his whole life infont of him……….US ! ….OURS ENDED THAT NITE.

Diane O’Kane