Families fighting for Justice along with other peer support organisations up and down the country have been asked to participate in what they believe the New Delivery Model should look like.

Over the past ten years Families Fighting for Justice have not only been working for change but also supporting victims’ families of homicide and culpable road death. Our Founder Jean Taylor is a mother who has lost children from acts of homicide. It is our belief that there is no body better placed to deliver and understand the journey after you have lost a loved one from acts of violence. Therefore Families Fighting for Justice will always make sure that the support and care given to victims’ families of homicide is paramount to FFfJ and their well being.

Jean Taylor delivered a presentation inside The Ministry of Justice on what we believe the New Delivery Model 2019 should look like. We are in a position to say from our experiences what has worked and what has not and where and how changes can be made. We have brought this to the table and meetings with the MoJ, Victims and Witness Team. From our first day Families Fighting for Justice has always maintained its course which is to bring about changes so the voices of the victims’ families of homicide go above that of the perpetrators. We also strongly believe that while we must look into what is more cost effective. We must always remember and say there is no cost no should there be any spared in the support for the victims’ families of homicide and the children in helping them to rebuild their future from this dark place that they have been put in.

We have a meeting within the MoJ on 12th June 2018 along with MoJ officials and other organisations who have had input into this New Delivery Model. As always, Jean Taylor will be a strong voice around that table in the hope that this New Delivery Model 2019 will be better than anything else that has been there before.

Only by working together and aiming for the same things all in the interest of the victims’ families of homicide and culpable road death can change come. We will update The Hub news on this New Delivery Model 2019 after the 12th June 2018. We will keep you updated on any changes that are proposed by the MoJ. Let us hope that the changes will be all for the good.