Families Fighting for Justice

Families Fighting for Justice is extremely saddened of the rise in knife crime up and down our country, it is very sad that our younger generation in certain areas feel the need to take a life without thought, without thinking of the consequences, without knowing or wanting to know of the aftermath to a family of a loved one whose life has been taken so needlessly ‘One Moment in time………..left us a lifetime of suffering’ it is without a doubt no truer words written. What is the answer? Why has it been lost? the care for another human being what has been lost within communities that once stood strong and proud, that would look out for each other as neighbours. When did we lose it all? There have been many talks within media, there have been many many written words within media, yet this ever growing vile killings of knife crime is still there. It is without doubt that it has to stop, we must try to stop it working together, pulling together, aiming to work together within communities, involving those who live within those communities and change has to come. Families Fighting for Justice do not want any more members, although we are here to support those who need us and we always will support those who do. We understand the aftermath, we understand and feel the pain from losing a loved one to acts of homicide and we just wish it would stop. I hope and pray to god that it does. Lives are being ruined, families destroyed who should be living side by side in harmony.