Coffee Morning

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Once again there was a big turnout for our coffee morning, group meeting. I would like to say thank you to all those who attended.
The HUB offers many things.
Families Fighting for Justice with their long 10 year experience of dealing with families and individual family members are very proud to say that after all this time we are still proving to be there for such families. OLLY our children’s group has now so many children that we have to use two buses or a Double Decker bus. We have lots of events, days out, breaks away, along with our OLLY Olympics coming up in July, which we always hold at Birkenhead Park as our founder always says ‘Birkenhead is where it all began’.

If you need any further information as lots of you always do by in-boxing us or calling us at the office please do so on 0151 709 2994. If you need our help, guidance, information or advice, if you need to speak one to one in private we offer ‘Peer Support’, we also offer once a month a counselling service.

Once again a huge thank you for your ongoing support and your lovely messages we receive from your in- boxing and the many thank you cards that we receive.