‘From Little Acorns…………………..Big Oak Trees Grow’

Families Fighting for Justice as you will read from the link attached https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/great-grandmother-lost-three-family-16497199

O.L.L.Y (Our Lost Love Years) over these past few years has grown rapidly in numbers this is because it is unique in the kind of support it offers to children who have lost a loved one to acts of homicide or culpable road death but O.L.L.Y also includes children from communities spread across Merseyside, Wirral, Chester and Southport where there is high crime and deprivation. We do this so those children can witness first hand at a young age the aftermath that taking someone’s live causes to one family including those innocent victims ‘The Children’. We hope that by doing this it will give those who grow into teenagers and young men second thoughts, when they can relate back to their days out with O.L.L.Y and they have also heard first hand from their new found friends just how hurt those O.L.L.Y children are from losing their loved one to acts of homicide or culpable road death.

It is without doubt as only Families Fighting for Justice knows only too well that educating our younger generation and allowing them to see and hear the devastation caused within the aftermath. The HUB   a ‘One Stop Shop’ delivered by Families Fighting for Justice is a place for the families of homicide and culpable road death to come too. The wrap around service The HUB offers is second to none, such families can be supported all under one roof not just the adult members of the family but also the children. ‘No child should have to suffer in Silence’ We believe here at 6 Anson Street, L3 5NY that to help to put a family back together again in the best way that we can, we strongly believe that the whole of that family must be supported.

Due to the growth of O.L.L.Y it is without doubt that now O.L.L.Y needs its own premises. O.L.L.Y needs a big building with a friendly family environment, we desperately need that place to have a big back garden so they can sing, play and be taken away for a few hours from what has now become their sad home from their loss. ‘THAT PLACE’ will be their sanctuary, their escape while also being supported and speaking with like minded children.

We are asking any businesses out there who can help with such a place for O.L.L.Y. Firstly please visit O.L.L.Y’s website www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk  also visit The HUB website  www.homicidesupporthub.org  then you will see from the website of Families Fighting for Justice just how the devastation of losing a loved one affects the family or if you would like to call us on 0151 709 2994 or 07740149899 please do so. Everyone here at the O.L.L.Y Team, The HUB and Families Fighting for Justice would like to thank you for reading our plight.