Family Bonding Trip


Families Fighting for Justice will be taking a bus to Southport. This day out is for the adults which will give them time out away from their home where they can meet other members who have also lost a loved one. It is without a doubt that it is good to talk and share experiences with those who understand.
This day trip out to Southport will also include a nice lunch in a restaurant, as it goes without saying that there are times when you have lost a child or loved one to acts of homicide or culpable road death there are sometimes when you cannot be bothered to prepare food.

The bus will leave The HUB ‘One Stop Shop’ that can give information, guidance and help in many ways with our wrap around service.

Our O.L.L.Y children at the moment are all at a Children’s Adventure Farm on a week’s holiday, please visit O.L.L.Y website at also The HUB website at these websites will give you further information on the valuable support that the charity offers through The HUB
We have our annual camping trip on August 19th to North Wales where we go every year, taking 50 children.
We also have our big Halloween Party please watch out for the newsfeeds on the date and times. All of our trips and breaks away are FREE.

For further information please call 0151 709 2994