Extremely honoured, proud and humbled

Extremely Honoured. Proud and Humbled.

The red carpet was rolled out, the silver candelabras stood tall, candles lit the tables draped in there white linen table cloths, matching napkins alongside the silver service sets of cutlery placed each side of your named table place The starry lights twinkling around the walls.

Then the screens around the wall had the logo of O.L.L.Y my God I’m proud, I’m in awe, I am truly humbled the legacy of what was so cruelly taken from me and my family from that sad loss in the face of adversity O.L.L.Y stands proud. I feel my daughter and my sons presence with me as I take my seat reserved at our Chief Constables table I am honoured. Then the pre recorded film rolled out after our Chief Constables Andy Cooks speech. I am proud he mentions how I am respected in Merseyside for the work we deliver. I am thinking of my children and of Chantel’s children this is something that you can’t apply, for this is worth a thousand awards this is words and recognition for those who found us from them knowing and seeing just how much our services within O.L.L.Y is needed and delivered by selfless volunteers committed loyal and respectful to the legacy. God Bless them.

Lots of awards adorn our reception room so many of them but the words spoken at The Merseyside Police Federations Black Tie Dinner event 2019 the room the amazing prizes that was auctioned was exceptional. We have never seen anything like it. Says it all. Over 250 guests all there supporting the unique O.L.L.Y Children’s Group. How amazing how wonderful. A memory that I will hold forever. And so will Chantel’s son Joseph.

We are very proud very humbled and grateful.

Thank you Beverly Mike Dave and Lyndsey.

Thank you Collette Knox Tony and everyone at the Merseyside Police Federation.

Thank you to our Chief Constable of Merseyside Police Andy Cooke

Thank you to our Police Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy.

Thank you to everyone who bought there named table and tickets.

From Little Acorns——– Big Oak Trees Grow.

We will put out money raised in a later news feed.


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