Helens Law

It is absolutely appalling that after having your child brutally murdered and that killer does not have to reveal where he has put his victims body to have to carry that second pain of not being able to bury your child and have your child’s body blessed is beyond words it is despicable. Then as the years go by and you try to carry on with the loss of your child by the hands of another and to also have to carry all those years not knowing where your child is buried or where the killer has put your child’s body, to think that a parole board deemed it fit to release such a killer as is the case with Simms sends a clear message out to other killers that you do not have to reveal where you have put your victims body because you are going to be given parole any way. Marie McCourt worked tirelessly to introduce ‘Helen’s Law’ which will send a clear message out to those evil killers that without revealing and finding that victims body parole will be denied yet because of the delay in ‘Helen’s Law’ being put into statute Simms is walking free amongst the innocent. His refusal to not reveal where Helen’s body is is wicked, cruel and defiant yet a parole board deemed it fit to release him into society.

Jean Taylor and Families Fighting for Justice have from the onset supported ‘Helen’s Law’, we also support Marie McCourt in her legal battle against the decision to allow Simms freedom while remaining silent on where he has put Helen’s body. We know that Marie will never give up the fight and will never stop in whatever it takes to push forward in the hope that Simms will reveal where he has put Helen McCourt. He should be made to go back into prison and remain there until he reveals where he has put Helen’s body.