Written by a women who lived with severe Domestic Violence

You would speak to me angry and shout
What was that all about.
It wasn’t me at all
It was your controlling angry call
You didn’t like yourself you see
So you took it out on me
Why did I put up with it I don’t know
Why didn’t I just tell you to Go
Was it my own insecurities that lie
That’s the most likely reason why
Underneath it all I’m not to blame
It is you that has the shame
So I gathered the courage to say
Don’t you dare treat me in this way
Get out and don’t come back
It isn’t courage that I lack
I fear you could have driven me to
Hurt you? then what would I do
I have been spoken to like dirt
Why should I be the one hurt
It’s you, your guilt eats you up inside
You haven’t an ounce of pride
So hateful piece of dirt
Now your the one hurt
I took no more from you
Now what will you do.
I gained the courage to get you out
Now I have broken free I have no doubt
That I will gain confidence you see
I will never forget it was you not me
So those abused please take heed
It is up to you to get freed
Seek the help that is out there
They will help you with love and care
Please know you do not have to be
Treated in this way you can be free
So seek that help do not fear
Once you do he can never come near.

Written by a women who lived with severe Domestic Violence. Who wishes to remain anonymous.