As you can see from the photos we started today with our Lunch/Dinner deliveries.

A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers their commitment, loyalty and honesty goes a long way. Victim’s families of homicide as they slowly move forward and our charity helping them as we have done over the years to motivate.

This is families fighting for Justice at its best.

This is OLLY at its Best.

We know only too well as those of us who carry this immense loss and pain that there are also those who are struggling in different ways, we know from working on the ground, from seeing it first hand how there are so so many who live in hardship, deprivation. The OLLY children and their wellbeing is paramount to all we stand for.
We intend to deliver well over 300 of these lunch packs, we also thought it was a great idea to give a bag of items so families can have a roast dinner on Sunday a chicken, potatoes, veg, peas and gravy granules are all inside that bag.

What also was delivered today was 350 teddy bears and 400 pairs of sunglasses with a swim bag this will also be included with their lunches. Some sponsors wish to remain anonymous; we respect their wishes.

There is one sponsor who use to play for Liverpool Football Club that man has never forgotten his roots but he also knows that deprivation and hardship is right here in our city, that man is JAMIE CARRAGHER along with his dad Phil Carragher their kindness goes beyond words, we applaud them both and hold them dear to our hearts here at OLLY.

Please visit our website for further information www.ourlostloveyears.co.uk you will also see the amazing photos that over the years has brought so many memories to so many many children.

If you need anything further or you are suffering on hard times do not suffer in silence, please call us on 0151 709 2994 we are here to listen and help.