Families Fighting for Justice have been working tirelessly within The HUB over these past few months with our amazing volunteers, not forgetting our wonderful sponsors who through their generosity we have been able to prepare and deliver of 4,000 lunches and dinners.

We have also been able to deliver PPE packs for families. On top of this with the kindness shown from Montse Benitez, Jamie Carragher and Variety The Children’s Charity we are able to wrap 1,000 children’s Christmas presents and Selection Boxes. We can also now deliver Christmas hampers for so many families spread across Merseyside.

On December 15th ongoing for four days – Five days our red bus will be decorated inside with its fairy lights, Santa on board and the elves. As they approach that red bus down each street Santa will ring his bell. Christmas songs will be playing.

There are so so many kind hearts spread across our city and spread across Birkenhead but there is also many many children and families that are facing hardship, we here at Families Fighting for Justice and OLLY from The HUB will do our very best to reach out to communities, we will go down streets because we know and understand how many there are within them communities and down the streets that need our support.

If you need any information or advice please call us on 0151 709 2994. We will be only too happy to answer any questions. Thank you