5,000 and Counting

O.L.L.Y’s goal was to reach 1,000 lunches delivered to children spread across Merseyside. We never dreamt in our wildest dreams we would reach 5,000 lunches but we did.

Thank you to all of our amazing drivers, Lyndsey and Stephen. Thank you to Luke, Jade, Gemma, Katie, Jenny, Daniel and of course those who work behind the scenes preparing and organising which is Jackie and Jean. All the way through the Covid pandemic it did not stop us from doing what we do best.

Then we must applaud the kind hearts of our sponsors who allowed us to let this happen: Mike at The 23 Foundation, Jamie Carragher, Montse Benitez and the ladies who helped us prepare the lunches Gill, Sandra and Vicky.

There are so many names of those who are committed because they can see with their own eyes and feel with their hearts the genuine, committed caring support that was born in the face of adversity, God Bless you, Joseph, your idea has helped hundreds of children over the past few years also, a huge thank you to Shakel from the Harris Khan Foundation.

Thank you all so much from Jean and everyone within the charity.